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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012, № 6 за темою "Динамика плазмы и взаимодействие плазмы со стенкой"

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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012, № 6 за темою "Динамика плазмы и взаимодействие плазмы со стенкой"

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  • Makhlaj, V.A. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    Experimental simulations of thermal stage of ITER disruptions with relevant surface heat loads (energy density up to 30 MJ/m² ) were performed with a quasi-steady-state plasma accelerator QSPA Kh-50. It was found, that the ...
  • Bizyukov, I.; Mutzke, A.; Schneider, R. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    In this work, the SDTrimSP-2D code was used for numerical simulation of the interaction of ions with a 2D periodical structure as idealized test system to investigate the influence of surface roughness on sputtering. ...
  • Girka, O.I.; Bizyukov, I.A.; Bizyukov, A.A.; Sereda, K.N.; Herashchenko, S.S. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    This paper describes the intrinsic capability of ion systems with reversed magnetic beam focusing for impurities mass-separation. Numerical calculation of the ion trajectory deviation with taking into account the experimental ...
  • Chebotarev, V.V.; Cherednychenko, T.N.; Eliseev, D.V.; Garkusha, I.E.; Kozlov, A.N.; Kulik, N.V.; Ladygina, M.S.; Marchenko, A.K.; Morgal, Ya.I.; Petrov, Yu.V.; Solyakov, D.G.; Staltsov, V.V. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    An investigation of local MHD plasma parameters in flow and characterizations of plasma streams, generated by different types of plasma accelerators and magneto-plasma compressors, is one of actual and important from point ...
  • Goncharov, A.A.; Dobrovolskiy, A.M.; Dunets, S.M.; Litovko, I.V.; Gushenets, V.I.; Oks, E.M.; Bugaev, A.S. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    We describe the new experimental and simulation results of wide-aperture (6 cm) non-relativistic (up to 18 keV) intense (up to 400 mA) electron beam focusing by the positive-space-charge plasma lens. Recently we proposed ...
  • Konovalov, V.G.; Bondarenko, V.N.; Ryzhkov, I.V.; Shapoval, A.N.; Shtan’, A.F.; Skoryk, O.O.; Solodovchenko, S.I.; Voitsenya, V.S. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    It was shown that a light source with edge sharpness can be used for very sensitive measurements of the ratio of specular and diffusive components of reflectance of the mirror subjected to sputtering.
  • Kozlov, A.N.; Drukarenko, S.P.; Seytkhalilova, E.I.; Solyakov, D.G.; Velichkin, M.A. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    The numerical research of streams dynamics in the channel and the compressible flows at the QSPA output is carried out for the plasma generated from hydrogen, helium, argon and xenon. The MHD equations in the one-fluid ...
  • Glazunov, G.P.; Baron, D.I.; Bondarenko, M.N.; Chernyshenko, V.Ya.; Konotopskiy, A.L.; Listopad, V.M.; Maznichenko, S.M.; Pashnev, V.K. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2012)
    Using the thermal desorption method the investigations were carried out of stainless steel probe outgassing rate in a vacuum and estimation of the number of monolayers on its surface in the Uragan-2M torsatron in situ. The ...


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