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Перегляд Відділення літератури, мови та мистецтвознавства за автором "Yermolenko, S.S."

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Відділення літератури, мови та мистецтвознавства за автором "Yermolenko, S.S."

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  • Yermolenko, S.S. (Мовознавство, 2018)
    The article deals with theoretical and methodological aspects of the model for eponymy description and analysis. Establishing the set of parameters for such a model as well as outlining issues in applying them, it discusses ...
  • Chernysh, T.O.; Yermolenko, S.S. (Мовознавство, 2020)
    The present paper continues the series of the authors’ publications exploring Jan Twardowski’s diction, in particular, word-play as used in his poems. Creating an integrated approach that is both immanent and transcendent ...
  • Yermolenko, S.S. (Мовознавство, 2019)
    The article is a case study of the role of mythopoetical linguistic-cultural code elements within the semantic structure of thriller text inner form, carried out with specific reference to Ukrainian Soviet author Vadym ...
  • Yermolenko, S.S. (Мовознавство, 2014)
    The author focuses on the titles of poetic works of the Polish poet Jan Twardowski which he calls indexical, explaining their specific nature as determined by semiotic features of motivation proper to them as poetic text ...
  • Yermolenko, S.S. (Мовознавство, 2015)
    Describing personal usages that can only be found in fiction or poetry, the author seeks to relate them to general semiotic properties of artistic discourse. He also introduces the notion of pragmatic presupposition reversal ...
  • Yermolenko, S.S. (Мовознавство, 2016)
    In this article, the analysis of the secondary meanings of adverbs for «so» in selected Indo-European languages has established peculiar features of the semantic change of such items, linking these features to the semiotic ...


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