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Перегляд Физика и техника высоких давлений за автором "Bak-Misiuk, J."

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Физика и техника высоких давлений за автором "Bak-Misiuk, J."

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  • Misiuk, A.; Barcz, A.; Ulyashin, A.; Prujszczyk, M.; Bak-Misiuk, J.; Formanek, P. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2010)
    Deuterium is accumulated by defects in nitrogen-implanted silicon (Si:N). This effect is investigated for Si:N processed at HT ≤ 1400 K, also under enhanced hydrostatic pressure, HP ≤ 1.1 GPa. Si:N was prepared from ...
  • Bak-Misiuk, J.; Romanowski, P.; Domagala, J.; Misiuk, A.; Dynowska, E.; Lusakowska, E.; Barcz, A.; Sadowski, J.; Caliebe, W. (2009)
    We report the results of defect structures studies of silicon implanted at different temperatures with Mn ions (Si:Mn) and of GaMnAs layers, next annealed under ambient and high pressures. An influence of annealing conditions ...
  • Misiuk, A.; Barcz, A.; Chow, L.; Bak-Misiuk, J.; Romanowski, P.; Shalimov, A.; Wnuk, A.; Surma, B.; Vanfleet, R.; Prujszczyk, M. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2008)
    Semiconductors doped with magnetically active atoms are expected to find application in spintronics. Si samples implanted with Mn⁺ (Si:Mn) or with V⁺ (Si:V) can order magnetically after processing at high temperature (HT) ...


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