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Перегляд Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018, № 3 за датою випуску

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018, № 3 за датою випуску

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  • Rayevsky, O.V.; Tukalo, M.A. (Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018)
    Aim. To parameterize a modified chained residue and use a newborn topology for molecular dynamics simulation. Methods. To deal with the problem, a series of ab initio and semi-empirical methods were combined. The RESP ...
  • Trokhymchuk, T.Yu.; Shalamay, A.S.; Zavelevich, M.P.; Palchykovska, L.G.; Vasylchenko, O.V.; Rybalko, S.L.; Starosyla, D.B.; Diadiun, S.T. (Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018)
    Aim. To assess the inhibitory activity of ellagitannin complex of the purified extract from the fruits of white alder and black alder in non-eukaryotic polymerase systems and to analyze the effects of these substances on ...
  • Paiuk, O.L.; Mitina, N.Ye.; Myagkota, O.S.; Volianiuk, K.A.; Musat, N.; Stryganyuk, G.Z.; Reshetnyak, O.V.; Kinash, N.I.; Hevus, O.I.; Shermolovich, Yu.G.; Zaichenko, A.S. (Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018)
    Aim. Purposeful preparation of polymeric surfactants combining hydrophobic fluorine-containing and hydrophilic synthetic and natural blocks via radical and non-radical reactions using peroxide, epoxide and/or amino- terminal ...
  • Syvyk, T.L.; Djachenko, L.S.; Syvyk, A.E. (Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018)
    Aim. Optimisation of spermatogonial cryopreservation medium and spermatogonia recovery procedures essential for the male germ cell research and spermatogonia mediated transgenesis in rodents. Methods. PCR, LIVE/DEAD® Cell ...
  • Mishchenko, L.T.; Dunich, A.A.; Shcherbatenko, I.S. (Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018)
    Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) is seed transmitted and can cause significant reductions in the yield and seed quality in soybean (Glycine max). The seed transmission rate of different SMV isolates is 0–43 %. The question ...
  • Orlovska, I.V.; Yakovenko, I.O.; Haidak, A.H.; Zmejkoski, D.Z.; Kozyrovska, N.O. (Вiopolymers and Cell, 2018)
    Regenerative medicine inspired by current advances in cellular biology, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, material sciences etc. is now making resistant diseases curable. Nowadays, chronic wound healing is possible ...


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