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Перегляд Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006, № 4 за назвою

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006, № 4 за назвою

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  • Pastijn, F.J.; Oliveira, L. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    If V is an existence variety of strict regular semigroups, then every semigroup in V has, within V, a maximal dense ideal extension.
  • Spalinski, J. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    We introduce n-acyclic cofibrations and n-acyclic fibrations in a stratified model category and show that they have the key properties of (acyclic) cofibrations and (acyclic) fibrations in a model category. We analyse ...
  • Jedlicka, P. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    We construct here the geometry monoids of LDI (left distributive idempotent) and of LDLI (left distributive left idempotent) identities. We study their properties and construct a monoid with solvable word problem based ...
  • Автор відсутній (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    This paper deals with a semigroup of orderdecreasing transformations of a rooted tree. Such are the transformations α of some rooted tree G satisfying following condition: for any x from G α(x) belongs to a simple path ...
  • Lyman, F.N.; Drushlyak, M.G. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    The infinite groups, in which there is no any infinite descending chain of non-invariant decomposable abelian subgroups (md-groups) are studied. Infinite groups with the minimal condition for non-invariant abelian subgroups, ...
  • Belous, L.I.; Selkin, V.M. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    Let H be some class of groups. A formation F is called a minimal τ -closed ω-composition non-H-formation [1] if F * H but F1 ⊆ H for all proper τ -closed ω-composition subformations F₁ of F. In this paper we describe the ...
  • Reznykov, I.I. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    We introduce the notions of n-state Mealy automaton sequence and limit of this sequence. These notions are illustrated by the 2-state Mealy automaton sequences that have the set of finite limit automata.
  • Protasova, O.I. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    A ballean B is a set X endowed with some family of subsets of X which are called the balls. The properties of the balls are postulated in such a way that a ballean can be considered as an asymptotic counterpart of a ...
  • Laurincikas, A. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2006)
    A joint limit theorem on the complex plane for a new class of general Dirichlet series is proved.


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