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Перегляд Український фізичний журнал, 2010, № 01 за темою "Загальні питання теоретичної фізики"

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Український фізичний журнал, 2010, № 01 за темою "Загальні питання теоретичної фізики"

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  • Trigger, S.A. (2010)
    The problem of anomalous diffusion in the momentum space is considered on the basis of the appropriate probability transition function (PTF). A new general equation for the description of the diffusion of heavy particles ...
  • Bogolyubov (jr.), N.N.; Sankovich, D.P. (2010)
    We analyze the approximating Hamiltonian method for Bose systems. Within the framework of this method, the pressure for the mean field model of an imperfect boson gas is calculated. The problem is considered by the systematic ...
  • Petrov, E.G. (2010)
    Based on the non-equilibrium density matrix method and using the Bogolyubov’s approach for the decoupling of many-particle distribution functions, a closed set of kinetic equations is derived for the state occupancies of ...
  • Shygorin, P.; Svidzynskyj, A. (2010)
    A consistent microscopic derivation of the two-fluid hydrodynamics for superfluid helium-4 in the ideal approximation is represented The starting point in our formalism is a system of Heisenberg’s equation of motion for ...
  • Gavrilik, A.M.; Pavlyuk, A.M. (2010)
    In this work, we demonstrate that the q-numbers and their two-parameter generalization, the q,p -numbers, can be used to obtain some polynomial invariants for torus knots and links. First, we show that the q-numbers, which ...
  • Iorgov, N.Z. (2010)
    Using the explicit factorized formulas for matrix elements (formfactors) of the spin operators between the eigenvectors of the Hamiltonian of a finite quantum XY-chain in a transverse field, the spontaneous magnetization ...


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