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Перегляд Condensed Matter Physics, 1998, № 2 за назвою

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Перегляд Condensed Matter Physics, 1998, № 2 за назвою

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  • Litovchenko, V.G. (Condensed Matter Physics, 1998)
    The models of adsorbo-catalitic centers for transition metals, which use the peculiarities of the electron-orbital structures as insulated and bounded atoms, have been analized. The important role of the unfilled ...
  • Vlokh, O.G. (Condensed Matter Physics, 1998)
    Proceeding from the symmetry principles of crystal physics and thermodynamics we analyze parametrical optical phenomena induced by external fields of different kind and structural phase transitions in ferroelectrics ...
  • Kosevich, A.; Semagin, D. (Condensed Matter Physics, 1998)
    Resonance scattering of a monochromatic transverse acoustic wave of the Rayleigh polarization from an isotop defect layer is considered. The phase velocity c of the incident wave along the defect plane is assumed to ...
  • Levitskii, R.R.; Moina, A.P. (Condensed Matter Physics, 1998)
    We study the effects of hydrostatic pressures on deuterated ND₄D₂PO₄ type antiferroelectric crystals. Within the four-particle cluster approximation the free energy of the crystals is calculated, and an equation for ...
  • Stamenkovic, S. (Condensed Matter Physics, 1998)
    A series of co-authors’ studies [1-7] devoted to the unified model description of structural phase transitions (SPT) in ferroelectrics and related materials are reviewed and partly innovated. Starting from a general ...


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