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  • Gredeskul, S.A.; Asatryan, A.A.; Bliokh, K.Y.; Bliokh, Y.P.; Freilikher, V.D.; Shadrivov, I.V.; Kivshar, Y.S. (Физика низких температур, 2012)
    We review some recent (mostly ours) results on the Anderson localization of light and electron waves in complex disordered systems, including: (i) left-handed metamaterials, (ii) magnetoactive optical structures, ...
  • Gredeskul, S.A.; Yshai Avishai; Braverman, G.M. (Физика низких температур, 1999)
    Equilibrium vortex configuration in conventional type II superconductors containing short-range columnar defects is investigated theoretically. In the bulk superconductor near the upper critical field Hс₂ a single defect ...
  • Braverman, G.M.; Gredeskul, S.A.; Avishai, Y. (Физика низких температур, 2001)
    Persistent scaling behavior of magnetization in layered high Tc superconductors with short-range columnar defects is explained within the Ginzburg-Landau theory. In the weak field region, the scaling function differs ...
  • Kovalev, A.S.; Prilepsky, J.E.; Gredeskul, S.A.; Derevyanko, S.A. (Физика низких температур, 2008)
    An exact formula for the transmission time in the disordered nonlinear soliton-bearing classical one-dimensional system is obtained.