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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002, № 5 за назвою

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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002, № 5 за назвою

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  • Anisimov, I.O.; Borisov, O.A.; Kelnyk, O.I.; Soroka, S.V. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    Report is devoted to the numerical simulation of the electron beam with the longitudinal modulation moving along the concentration gradient of the planarly stratified plasma with the initially linear profile (one-dimensional ...
  • Sorokovoy, E.L.; Chechkin, V.V.; Grigor’eva, L.I.; Chechkin, A.V.; Gonchar, V.Yu.; Volkov, E.D.; Nazarov, N.I.; Tsybenko, S.A.; Lozin, A.V.; Litvinov, A.P.; Kulaga, A.Ye.; Mironov, Yu.K.; Romanov, V.S.; Masuzaki, S.; Yamazaki, K. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    Ion saturation current and floating potential fluctuations are recorded by movable array of 4 Langmuir probes near the boundary of the confinement region in the l = 3/m = 9 Uragan-3M torsatron with an RF produced and ...
  • Zhovtyansky, V.A.; Murphy, A.B.; Patriyuk, V.M. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    The diffusion of vapour derived from electrodes is investigated for low erosion rates. In the case of low temperatures, the problem is solved analytically for free-burning and wall-stabilized electric arcs. For a wider ...
  • Akimov, Yu.A.; Azarenkov, N.A.; Olefir, V.P. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    This report is devoted to the investigation of the dispersion properties and field spatial structure of potential surface waves (SWs) that propagate along interfaces metal – dielectric – magnetized plasma of a finite ...
  • Chirkov, A.Yu.; Khvesyuk, V.I. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    A study is made of the dynamics of particles interacting with electromagnetic field fluctuations in a plasma in the presence of a magnetic field. Possible mechanism of anomalous transport is analyzed. Estimates of the ...
  • Voitsenya, V.S.; Sagara, A.; Bardamid, A.F.; Belyaeva, A.I.; Bondarenko, V.N.; Kudlenko, A.D.; Konovalov, V.G.; Solodovchenko, S.I. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
  • Grekov, D.L.; Smirnova, M.S. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    In a stellarator-type device, the effect of the lower hybrid (LH) heating on the ion confinement is investigated. For this purpose, the motion of high energy ions is simulated numerically in the Large Helical Device, as ...
  • Barchuk, S.V.; Lapshin, V.I.; Maslov, V.I.; Onishchenko, I.N.; Tretyakov, V.N. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    The self-consistent formation, observed in experiments, of the solitary barrier for plasma electrons and ions has been analytically described.
  • Berezhniy, V.L.; Skibenko, A.I.; Fomin, I.P.; Pinos, I.B.; Ocheretenko, V.L.; Pavlichenko, O.S.; Podoba, Yu.Ya.; Kotsubanov, V.D.; Nikol’skiy, I.K.; Nazarov, N.I.; Tsybenko, S.A.; Volkov, E.D.; Chechkin, V.V.; Slavniy, A.S.; Litvinov, A.P.; Kulaga, A.Ye.; Yamazaki, K.; Miyazawa, J.; Voitsenya, V.S.; Tarasov, I.K. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
  • Balakirev, V.A.; Onishchenko, N.I.; Sidorenko, D.Yu.; Sotnikov, G.V. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    The theoretical investigations and simulation are performed for the emission of a relativistic electron bunch during the injection into a semi-infinite vacuum/dielectric waveguide. The power and the frequency spectrum ...
  • Antonov, A.N.; Buts, V.A.; Kovpik, O.F.; Kornilov, E.A.; Svichensky, V.G. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    The results of experimental researches of a possibility of an effective of high numbers harmonics radiation by nonrelativistic oscillators are represented. The good qualitative consent of experimental and theoretical results ...
  • Scholz, M.; Bieńkowska, B.; Ivanova-Stanik, I.; Kasperczuk, A.; Miklaszewski, R.; Paduch, M.; Pisarczyk, T.; Stępniewski, W.; Tomaszewski, K.; Kubes, P.; Kravarik, J. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
  • Budnikov, V.N.; Gurchenko, A.D.; Gusakov, E.Z.; Esipov, L.A.; Kantor, M.Yu.; Kouprienko, D.V.; Lashkul, S.I.; Novik, K.M.; Selenin, V.L.; Stepanov, A.Yu.; Vekshina, E.O. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    In this paper the first results of implementation of CES diagnostics at the FT-2 tokamak possessing much more developed set of standard tokamak diagnostics are presented.
  • Porytskyy, P.V. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    The constriction of an argon arc caused by electronegative and molecular impurities is considered at atmospheric pressure. It is shown that the presence of electronegative and molecular impurities leads to an additional ...
  • Buts, V.A. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    The dynamics of systems, parameters of which are subject to casual forces are considered. The casual action can be as external, and to be generated by own random dynamics of a system. The most important features of such ...
  • Berezina, G.P.; Bunchikov, Ju.V.; Mirny, V.I.; Onishchenko, I.N.; Us, V.S. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    The behaviour of the pulsed discharge at atmospheric pressure between multiple needles- plane electrode has been investigated. This type of discharge has been used in our experiments as a suitable tool for plasma chemistry ...
  • Krasnji, V.V.; Gubarev, S.P.; Kotsubanov, V.D.; Pogoghev, D.P.; Sokolova, O.T.; Taran, V.S.; Tereshin, V.I.; Shvets, O.M. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    In this paper the experimental results on the investigation of plate-type reactors operated on the base of barrier discharge have been presented. Different reactors with planar, strip, and trench electrodes were investigated. ...
  • Azarenkov, N.A.; Bizyukov, A.A.; Sereda, K.N.; Tseluyko, A.Ph.; Yunakov, N.N.; Gapon, A.V.; Kashaba, A.Y. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    A surface wave plasma source for the production of a large-diameter, high electron density and low electron temperature plasma at low pressure without using a magnetic field for plasma processing and thin film preparation ...
  • Safronov, V.; Arkhipov, N.; Bakhtin, V.; Barsuk, V.; Kurkin, S.; Mironova, E.; Piazza, G.; Würz, H.; Zhitlukhin, A. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
  • Aksenov, I.I. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2002)
    This article is a brief historical review of R&D carried out by the KIPT scientists in the field of magnetic filtering of vacuum-arc plasma flows to be applied in thin film deposition technology.


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