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Перегляд Физика низких температур за темою "Related Topics"

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Перегляд Физика низких температур за темою "Related Topics"

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  • Kokshenev, V.B. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The structural relaxation in glass forming materials is studied near the glass transformation temperature Tg indicated by the heat capacity maximum. The late-time asymptote of the Kohlrausch–Williams–Watts form of the ...
  • Shikin, V.B.; Nazin, S.S. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The so-called «optical» approximation in the theory of electron energy spectrum in the presence of scattering centers with positive scattering length randomly distributed with the average density ng is considered for a ...
  • Antsygina, T.N.; Poltavskaya, M.I.; Poltavsky, I.I.; Chishko, K.A. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    Thermodynamic properties of the t–J model on square and triangular lattices near half-filling are investigated theoretically within an analytical approach based on the Kondo and Yamaji’s Green function decoupling scheme. ...
  • Krivchikov, A.I.; Korolyuk, O.A.; Romantsova, O.O. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The experimental results on the thermal conductivity k(T) of crystalline Xe, CH₄, and THF clathrate hydrates have been analyzed. In a wide region of temperatures above 2 K, k(T) exhibits a behavior typical of disordered ...
  • Bermejo, F.J.; Fernández-Perea, R.; Cabrillo, C.; Krivchikov, A.I.; Yushchenko, A.N.; Manzhelii, V.G.; Korolyuk, O.A.; González, M.A.; Jimenez-Ruiz, M. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The phonon scattering processes in the three solid phases of ethanol are investigated using thermal conductivity, light, and neutron-scattering measurements as well as molecular dynamics simulations on single- crystalline ...


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