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Перегляд Functional Materials, 2008, № 2 за назвою

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Functional Materials, 2008, № 2 за назвою

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  • Blank, T.A.; Eksperiandova, L.P.; Sidletsky, O.Ts.; Kasyan, N.A.; Lisetsky, L.N. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    Water determination procedures have been developed for ethanol, methanol, and isopropanol using a special dielcometric cell. Metrological characteristics of titrimetric (under visual detection of end point) and dielcometric ...
  • Konevskiy, P.V.; Andreev, E.P.; Lytvynov, L.A. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    Problems in growth of variable section corundum crystals by Stepanov technique have been considered. The structure perfection of the crystal profile variation zone has been studied as a function of the growing technology ...
  • Myagkota, S.V.; Pushak, A.S.; Stryganyuk, G.B.; Novosad, S.S.; Pashuk, I.P. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    The spectral and kinetic luminescence properties of Csl-Ca crystal (Cca = 1 mol. % in the initial melt) have been studied at 10 K and 295 K in the energy range 4-16 eV. The luminescence efficiency has been examined upon ...
  • Bezus, A.V.; Mamalui, Yu.A.; Siryuk, Yu.A. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    The spin-reorientation phase transitions (SRPT) in thin magnetic ferrite-garnet films of mixed anisotropy have been studied. In a film with strong uniaxial anisotropy, a first order SRPT from axial to angular phase occurs, ...
  • Galenin, E.P.; Gerasymov, I.V.; Nahornyak, V.T.; Sidletskiy, O.Ts.; Tkachenko, S.A. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    The surface defects of Bi₄Ge₃O₁₂ crystals grown by Czochralski have been considered. The influence of the melt level lowering in the crucible and the growth atmosphere composition on the formation of defects have been ...
  • Maksimova, E.M.; Nauhatsky, I.A.; Strugatsky, M.B. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    Considered is the influence of crystalline structure imperfections in near-surface layer of easy-plane weak ferromagnet iron borate, FeB0₃, on the effects of surface magnetism observed therein. It is shown that the surface ...
  • Lazuta, A.V.; Ryzhov, V.A.; Kiselev, I.A.; Chernenkov, Yu.P.; Smirnov, O.P.; Molkanov, P.L.; Troyanchuk, I.O.; Khomchenko, V.A. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    Results of structural neutron diffraction study, nonlinear magnetic response and magnetic resonance measurements are presented for insulating La₀.₈₈MnO₂.₉₁ with Tc ≈ 216 K. The diffraction data are considered using the ...
  • Zagoruiko, Yu.A.; Kovalenko, N.O.; Fedorenko, O.A.; Khristyan, V.A. (Functional Materials, 2008)
    Obtained is a new thermostable material for active elements of tunable IR-lasers - Zn₁₋ₓMgₓSe:Cr²⁺, single crystals. The position of the absorption band of Cr²⁺ ions in wurtzite-type Zn₀.₇₉Mg₀.₂₁Se matrix is established.


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