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dc.contributor.author Krstovska, D.
dc.contributor.author Steven, E.
dc.contributor.author Choi, E.S.
dc.contributor.author Brooks, J.S.
dc.date.accessioned 2017-05-31T07:15:48Z
dc.date.available 2017-05-31T07:15:48Z
dc.date.issued 2011
dc.identifier.citation Angular dependent magnetothermopower of α-(ET)₂KHg(SCN)₄ / D. Krstovska, E. Steven, E.S. Choi, J.S. Brooks // Физика низких температур. — 2011. — Т. 37, № 9-10. — С. 950–958. — Бібліогр.: 34 назв. — англ. uk_UA
dc.identifier.issn 0132-6414
dc.identifier.other PACS: 71.45.Lr, 72.15.Nj, 72.15.Jf
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.nbuv.gov.ua/handle/123456789/118763
dc.description.abstract The magnetic field and angular dependences of the thermopower and Nernst effect of the quasi-twodimensional (q2D) organic conductor α-(ET)₂KHg(SCN)₄ are experimentally measured at temperatures below (4 K) and above (9 K) the transition temperature to fields of 31 T. In addition, a theoretical model which involves a magnetic breakdown effect between the q1D and q2D bands is proposed in order to simulate the data. Analysis of the background components of the thermopower and Nernst effect imply that at low temperatures, in the CDW state, the properties of α-(ET)₂KHg(SCN)₄ are determined mostly by the orbits on the new open Fermi sheets. Quantum oscillations observed in the both thermoelectric effects, at fields above 8 T, originate only from the α orbit. uk_UA
dc.description.sponsorship D.K. acknowledges the support from the Fulbright Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and E.S. is supported in part by NSF DMR-1005293. We are very grateful to A. Kiswandhi and L. Winter for assistance with the experiments. The work was performed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, supported by NSF DMR-0654118, by the State of Florida, and the DOE. uk_UA
dc.language.iso en uk_UA
dc.publisher Фізико-технічний інститут низьких температур ім. Б.І. Вєркіна НАН України uk_UA
dc.relation.ispartof Физика низких температур
dc.subject Органические проводники uk_UA
dc.title Angular dependent magnetothermopower of α-(ET)₂KHg(SCN)₄ uk_UA
dc.type Article uk_UA
dc.status published earlier uk_UA

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