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Перегляд Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2017, № 4 (50) за темою "International and Regional Economics"

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2017, № 4 (50) за темою "International and Regional Economics"

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  • Grigorova, V. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2017)
    The article links the theory of marketing networks developed in tourism with the established Balanced Scorecard approach, offering a new balanced approach for their optimization. To this end, the formulations of the marketing ...
  • Lyakh, O. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2017)
    In the paper, the concept of sustainable tourism is explored through a literature review of current research on this topic. The dynamics of the global sector of tourism and recreation (TRS) development and trends of its ...
  • Pidorycheva, I. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2017)
    Special economic zones are one of the oldest economic regulators which are widespread throughout the world. The study showed that zones can be an effective instrument to attract foreign investment, create new jobs, stimulate ...
  • Savyuk, L. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2017)
    The article deals with the history of the emergence, formation and development of the knowledge economy in the context of the globalization of economic processes. The article analyzes the stages of transition and transformation ...
  • Shopova, M. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2017)
    In order to develop management decisions promoting sustainable tourism development, strengthening its competitiveness and increasing the efficiency of the activities it covers, there must be timely statistical information ...


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