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Перегляд Functional Materials, 2013, № 4 за назвою

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Functional Materials, 2013, № 4 за назвою

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  • Vovk, O.M.; Chayka, M.A.; Mateychenko, P.V.; Yavetskiy, R.P.; Kosyanov, D.Yu.; Parkhomenko, S.V. (Functional Materials, 2013)
    The morphological peculiarities of Y₃Al₅O₁₂:Nd laser ceramics prepared by vacuum sintering of co-precipitated nanopowders have been revealed by ion beam sputtering of the ceramics surface. Inclusions with a cross section ...
  • Voronkin, E. (Functional Materials, 2013)
    The problems of raw materials obtaining for UV detectors such as crystalline elements based on zinc selenide(ZnSe) have been discussed. Electrical parameters of these elements have been determined. Method of Schottky diodes ...
  • Shlyakhturov, V.V.; Gektin, A.V.; Boyarintsev, A.Yu.; Taranyuk, V.I. (Functional Materials, 2013)
    The effect of plastic deformation on defect structure and functional parameters of NaI based crystals and scintillator NaI(Tl) in particular has been studied. Plastic flow modeling in decorated samples as well as in large ...
  • Il′insky, A.I.; Barmin, A.E.; Lyabuk, S.I. (Functional Materials, 2013)
    Effects of hardening components (W, SiO, Al₂O₃, and ZrO₂) on structure and physical-mechanical characteristics of Fe and Ni composites were studied. The content of the hardening phases was up to 2 vol.%. It was shown ...
  • Boyarintsev, A.Yu.; Galunov, N.Z.; Karavaeva, N.L.; Krech, A.V.; Lazarev, I.V.; Levchuk, L.G.; Nepokupnaya, T.A.; Panikarskaya, V.D.; Popov, V.F.; Sorokin, P.V.; Tarasenko, O.A. (Functional Materials, 2013)
    Light transmittance T of the commercially available dielectric gels as a function of integrated radiation dose D was studied in this work. Irradiation of samples was performed by electron accelerator with integrated radiation ...
  • Taran, A.; Voronovich, D.; Oranskaya, D.; Filipov, V.; Podshyvalova, O. (Functional Materials, 2013)
    Comparative thermionic properties investigations of the quasi-binary eutectic alloy LaB₆–ZrB₂ having both zirconium diboride fibers orientations (perpendicular and parallel) relative to the emitting surface were conducted ...
  • Yakovlev, V.; Trefilova, L.; Karnaukhova, A.; Ovcharenko, N.; Kisilc, E. (Functional Materials, 2013)
    This paper studies the spectral-kinetic properties of CsI:0.8·10⁻⁴ % Eu, CsI:1·10⁻² % Eu and CsI:3.9·10⁻¹ % Eu crystals. It has been found that spectrum and decay kinetics of photoluminescence depend on concentration of ...


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