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Перегляд Відділення економіки за темою "Economic Theory"

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Відділення економіки за темою "Economic Theory"

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  • Коlоsоv, A.M. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2014)
    The article argues the notion of adaptive organization as the tool for management enterprises in variable environment. In an increasingly unstable market environment the need for decisive restructuring of enterprise ...
  • Buzni, A.M. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2013)
    The threats to the survival of civilization and life on Earth in market economy conditions were under consideration and the approach to the development of the international community on the basis of change in consumer ...
  • Rozmainsky, I.V. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2013)
    The paper contains attempt to go beyond dualism between determinism and voluntarism in dynamic economics. On one hand, economic dynamics is not predetermined by tastes, endowments and technologies (as Neoclassical Economics ...
  • Zhykhareva, Yu.I.; Kotov, E.V. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2014)
    In the article the concept reindustrializatsiyi, the conditions of its occurrence, existence and transition to the concept of "new industrialization". The positive effects neoindustrializatsiyi social conditions of small ...
  • Petrova, V. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2015)
    This article deals with the concept of income of one of the most influential economists of the 20th century - John Richard Hicks, which left deep trails in the theory of accounting. Hick’s ideas are both theoretically ...
  • Rudenko, L.V.; Steshenko, P.O. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2013)
    Based on up-to-date data, this paper wants to show how different patterns of social and economic inequality develop in modern society. Referring to the research by Sylvia Walby, Tim Butler and Paul Watt, Quan Li and Rafael ...
  • Rozmainsky, I.V. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2015)
    The paper offers the following hypothesis: the Big Band (Shock Therapy) strategy of the 1990s in Russia has led to more non-rational behavior of the ordinary Russian people. The point is that in order to make completely ...


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