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Перегляд Физика и техника высоких давлений за автором "Beygelzimer, Y."

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Физика и техника высоких давлений за автором "Beygelzimer, Y."

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  • Beygelzimer, Y. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2015)
    We show that simple shear and pure shear form two groups of transformations with different properties. The equivalent strain is viewed as an external control parameter of the deformation process at low homologous temperatures. ...
  • Beygelzimer, Y.; Lavrinenko, N. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2012)
    A mechanism of perfect plasticity is suggested that implies the phenomenon under study to be of ctitical nature. We consider that it is related to percolation transition in the net of grain boundaries and with nonlocal ...
  • Beygelzimer, Y. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2010)
    The paper shows that metal in microvolumes behaves as turbulent flow during large plastic deformation under simple shear scheme. This gives a unified explanation of the following effects: saturation of strain hardening; ...
  • Beygelzimer, Y.; Varyukhin, V. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2014)
    The work presents the results of research and development on Twist Extrusion (TE) process. It was shown the two main deformation zones of TE are located at the two ends of the twist part of the die. The mode of deformation ...
  • Beygelzimer, Y.; Varyukhin, V.; Kulagin, R.; Orlov, D. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2015)
    The review of research on the twist extrusion (TE) made in Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1999 is reported. The main features of twist extrusion are presented. ...
  • Chen, C.; Beygelzimer, Y.; Toth, L.S.; Estrin, Y.; Kulagin, R. (Физика и техника высоких давлений, 2015)
    Modern techniques of severe plastic deformation used as a means for grain refinement in metallic materials rely on simple shear as the main deformation mode. Prediction of the mechanical properties of the processed materials ...


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