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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2010, № 6 за темою "Магнитное удержание"

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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2010, № 6 за темою "Магнитное удержание"

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  • Beklemishev, A.D.; Bagryansky, P.A.; Prikhodko, V.V. (2010)
    In open magnetic configurations (open traps, SOL) it is possible to control the plasma potential along magnetic field lines via external electrodes. This is a possibility for direct drive of shear flows and suppression of ...
  • Dreval, M.B. (2010)
    Two miniature pinhole camera arrays for spatially and temporally resolved measurements of soft X-ray emission have been designed for the Uragan-2M stellarator. The power of soft X-ray filtered by different filters has been ...
  • Pashnev, V.K.; Sorokovoy, E.L.; Petrushenya, A.A.; Mironov, Yu.K.; Konovalov, V.G.; Shapoval, A.N.; Slavnyj, A.S.; Dreval, M.B.; Pugovkin, A.P. (2010)
    The work [1] contains discussion about the changes in plasma energy content and energy lifetime during the transition into the mode of improved confinement at RF-heating in torsatron U-3M in range of rare collision frequencies ...
  • Kabantsev, A.A.; Driscoll, C.F. (2010)
    Ripples in magnetic or electrostatic confinement fields give rise to trapping separatrices, and the conventional neoclassical helical ripple transport describes phenomena coming from the collisional trapping/detrapping of ...
  • Glazunov, G.P.; Baron, D.I.; Bondarenko, M.N.; Burchenko, P.Ya.; Chechkin, V.V.; Chernyshenko, V.Ya.; Grigor’eva, L.I.; Konovalov, V.G.; Konotopskiy, A.L.; Kotenko, V.G.; Lozin, A.V.; Maznichenko, S.M.; Moiseenko, V.E.; Pashnev, V.K.; Ponomarenko, N.P.; Solodovchenko, S.I.; Sorokovoy, Ye.L.; Shapoval, A.V.; Tereshin, V.I.; Voitsenya, V.S. (2010)
    The work describes the design of a multifunctional B4C-limiter, and reports preliminary results from experimental study of the limiter operated at steady-state and pulsed RF discharge cleaning regimes in the Uragan-2M torsatron.
  • Berezhnyj, V.L.; Berezhnaya, I.V.; Voitsenya, V.S.; Pinos, I.B.; Filippov, V.V. (2010)
    A possibility of RF field harmonic generation is shown in the process of plasma formation and heating in the torsatron U-3M when the RF field interacts with a volume spatial charge of positive ions in the near-antenna region.
  • Moiseenko, V.Е.; Stadnik, Yu.S.; Lyssoivan, A.I.; Dreval, M.B. (2010)
    Self-consistent model of the RF plasma production in stellarator that includes system of the balance equations and the boundary problem for the Maxwell’s equations is developed. The first numerical calculations of RF plasma ...
  • Landman, I.S. (2010)
    The code TOKES was recently developed aiming at integrated simulation of plasma equilibriums and surface processes in tokamaks. Main features of TOKES are described. The code calculates processes in multi-fluid plasma and ...
  • Pashnev, V.K.; Sorokovoy, E.L.; Berezhnyj, V.L.; Burchenko, P.Ya.; Volkov, E.D.; Krasnyj, V.V.; Lozin, A.V.; Mironov, Yu.K.; Petrushenya, A.A.; Pinos, I.B.; Skibenko, A.I.; Slavnyj, A.S.; Dreval, M.B.; Kulaga, A.Ye.; Tsybenko, S.A.; Es’kov, A.Yu. (2010)
    Transition to the mode of improved plasma confinement in U-3M facility earlier was discussed in works [1-3]. In these studies discussed the various processes in the confinement volume and in the peripheral plasma that ...


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