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Перегляд Functional Materials, 2017, № 4 за автором "Bryleva, E.Yu."

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Functional Materials, 2017, № 4 за автором "Bryleva, E.Yu."

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  • Sofronov, D.S.; Oreshina, A.O.; Bryleva, E.Yu.; Sofronova, E.M.; Mateichenko, P.V.; Puzan, A.N. (Functional Materials, 2017)
    ZnS particles modified with Mn₃O₄, CeO₂ and CuS were obtained from aqueous solutions. It was shown that addition of copper and manganese ions into the reagent mixture doesn't have any influence on particle formation from ...
  • Boyarintsev, A.Yu.; Cherginets, V.L.; Ponomarenko, T.V.; Rebrova, T.P.; Varich, A.G.; Bryleva, E.Yu.; Koryakina, E.M.; Sheina, T.V.; Varchenko, V.V.; Yurchenko, O.I. (Functional Materials, 2017)
    Investigation of multiple low-temperature mixed crystallization (LTMC) of the solution wastes of cesium iodide was reported. LTMC is a very simple and convenient way for an essential decrease of the concentrations of ...


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