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Experiments with the tiny nanosecond output device on the S-300 high-current generator

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dc.contributor.author Kingsep, A.S.
dc.contributor.author Bakshaev, Yu.L.
dc.contributor.author Bartov, A.V.
dc.contributor.author Blinov, P.I.
dc.contributor.author Chernenko, A.S.
dc.contributor.author Chikin, R.V.
dc.contributor.author Chukbar, K.V.
dc.contributor.author Danko, S.A.
dc.contributor.author Dubas, L.G.
dc.contributor.author Kalinin, Yu.G.
dc.contributor.author Kovalenko, I.V.
dc.contributor.author Lobanov, A.I.
dc.contributor.author Mizhiritsky, V.I.
dc.contributor.author Shchagin, V.A.
dc.contributor.author Smirnov, V.P.
dc.date.accessioned 2017-01-07T16:51:13Z
dc.date.available 2017-01-07T16:51:13Z
dc.date.issued 2003
dc.identifier.citation Experiments with the tiny nanosecond output device on the S-300 high-current generator / A.S. Kingsep, Yu.L. Bakshaev, A.V. Bartov, P.I. Blinov, A.S. Chernenko, R.V. Chikin, K.V. Chukbar, S.A. Danko, L.G. Dubas, Yu.G. Kalinin, I.V. Kovalenko, A.I. Lobanov, V.I. Mizhiritsky, V.A. Shchagin, V.P. Smirnov // Вопросы атомной науки и техники. — 2003. — № 4. — С. 26-28. — Бібліогр.: 4 назв. — англ. uk_UA
dc.identifier.issn 1562-6016
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.nbuv.gov.ua/handle/123456789/111002
dc.description.abstract On the S-300 pulsed power generator (4.5 MA, 70 ns, 0.15 Ohm), within the frames of ICF program based on fast high-current Z-pinches, experiments are being carried out studying promising schemes of output units. In particular, a device similar to the plasma flow switch is being investigated aimed at sharpening the pulse. In the experiments with such a device, by means of variation the geometry of the inner electrode of a co-axial, as well as the acceleration of a cascade of plasma “washers”, the switching of the current up to 750 kA has been obtained, with the rise time ~ 5…7 ns and subsequent decrease being in accordance with that of the net current (~ 100 ns). Thereby the opportunity of switching of much more amount of energy onto the load has been demonstrated compared to our preliminary experiments (2.5 MA/2.5 ns). Soft X-ray radiation from the cavity was recorded by means of vacuum diodes with a nickel cathode and especially selected filters. The radiative temperature of the cavity walls estimated from the ratio of diode signals was close to 50 eV. uk_UA
dc.description.sponsorship The work was supported by the Russian Department of Atomic Energy and partially by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant 01-02-17359, and by the Russian grant “Scientific School” NSH-2292.2003.2. uk_UA
dc.language.iso en uk_UA
dc.publisher Національний науковий центр «Харківський фізико-технічний інститут» НАН України uk_UA
dc.relation.ispartof Вопросы атомной науки и техники
dc.subject Релятивистская плазменная электроника uk_UA
dc.title Experiments with the tiny nanosecond output device on the S-300 high-current generator uk_UA
dc.type Article uk_UA
dc.status published earlier uk_UA
dc.identifier.udc 533.9

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