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Перегляд Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016 за темою "International and Regional Economics"

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016 за темою "International and Regional Economics"

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  • Shabalina, L.; Kapko, A. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016)
    The paper analyzes the characteristics and trends in the product structure and geographical flows of Russia’s trade. A significant influence of TNCs on the Russian market of food and agricultural raw materials was detected. ...
  • Glinkowska, B. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016)
    In the article special attention is focused on the following issues: 1) explanation of the issue of definitional differences of the internationalization process, and presentation of own approach; 2) analyses and presentation ...
  • Francisco, F.R.R.; Kovalenko, O.; Kovalenko, S. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016)
    This article deals with the impact of national cultures on growth of international firms. It critically reviews the major contributions of the literature on this field. Starting from the seminal work of Hofstede we conclude ...
  • Papizh, Yu. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016)
    Mining regions have specific features that should be fully integrated into the strategy ensuring their harmonious development. Methodological principles and concepts for the recovery and sustainable development of these ...
  • Ivanov, S.; Perebyynis, V.; Oleksenko, L.; Svitlychna, A. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016)
    Expediency of organizational development of the agro-industrial complex of the economy on the principles of cooperation and integration has been proved. This allows to improve organizational and economic relations between ...
  • Pajak, K.; Kvilinskyi, O.; Fasiecka, O. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016)
    The global economy taking into account civilizational changes will be shifting in the twenty-first century to low-carbon development path. Poland also is heading in this direction, both as a member of the international ...
  • Lis, P. (Економічний вісник Донбасу, 2016)
    The aim of this article was to identify and assess the conditions of the water sector in Poland. The author has distinguished global and direct conditions of the water sector. What has been emphasised among the global ...


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