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  • Storozh, Y.; Lyutak, I.; Storozh, B.; Vasylyk, O.; Yatsyshyn, M.; Pasyeka, M. (Управляющие системы и машины, 2015)
    The finite element model analysis of a rigid sphere indentation into a half-space is created and investigated as a part of comprehensive study of a ball burnishing process. The model shows good fidelity of the material ...
  • Yamnenko, R.; Vasylyk, O. (2007)
    Random processes from the class V (φ, ψ) which is more general than the class of ψ-sub-Gaussian random process. The upper estimate of the probability that a random process from the class V (φ, ψ) exceeds some function is ...
  • Kozachenko, Y.; Vasylyk, O. (2006)
    We present here an application of the results on simulation of weakly self-similar stationary increment φ-sub-Gaussian processes, obtained by Kozachenko, Sottinen and Vasylyk in [1], to the process of fractional Brownian motion.