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  • Vakarchuk, I.O. (2010)
    We propose a method to consider anharmonic oscillations of the density of a Bose fluid using a deformed Heisenberg algebra. The Hamiltonian of a Bose fluid consists of a main harmonic part and an anharmonic part which is ...
  • Vakarchuk, I.O.; Babin, V.V. (Condensed Matter Physics, 1998)
    The system of bose liquid + impurity is considered. The energy spectrum, as well as effective mass of impurity is calculated. For the case of an ³He atom in superfluid <⁴He numerical calculations are performed.
  • Vakarchuk, I.O. (Condensed Matter Physics, 2008)
    We calculate the intensity of spontaneous radiation of a system of non-linear quantum eld, where the nonlinearity is due to deformations of the Poison brackets of the generalized coordinates and momenta.
  • Vakarchuk, I.O.; Pastukhov, V.S.; Prytula, R.O. (Физика низких температур, 2013)
    A new method of calculation of the density matrix of a many-boson system is proposed. The calculation of thermodynamic and structure functions at finite temperatures based on density matrix of Bose liquid is made. The ...
  • Vakarchuk, I.O.; Rovenchak, A.A. (Condensed Matter Physics, 2001)
    A theoretical description of the interacting Bose-system is proposed. It is based on the extrapolation of the results obtained for the systems with a small number of particles N = 2, 3, 4 , etc. to the bulk case of N = ...
  • Vakarchuk, I.O.; Panochko, G.I. (Condensed Matter Physics, 2015)
    We propose to consider nonlinear fluctuations in the theory of liquid ⁴He deforming the commutation relations between the generalized coordinates and momenta. The generalized coordinates are the coefficients of the density ...