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  • Alexeev, V.A.; Baranovsky, A.E.; Belousov, A.V.; Davydov, V.N.; Demsky, M.I.; Denisov, K.A.; Fialkovsky, A.M.; Fomin, L.P.; Gavrish, Yu.N.; Kochin, S.N.; Larionovsky, V.A.; Maslov, K.N.; Nikolaev, V.M.; Obodinsky, D.A.; Orlov, A.V.; Ryabtsov, A.V.; Ryabov, V.V.; Shchepin, Yu.P.; Terentjev, V.V. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2006)
    Some specific design features of the accelerating units for LINACs model UELR-10-10S designed for radiation sterilization and the electron beam characteristics obtained experimentally are considered.
  • Vorogushin, M.F.; Gavrish, Yu.N.; Nikolaev, V.M.; Muratov, A.V.; Klinov, A.P.; Ryabtsov, A.V. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2001)
    A 15 MeV accelerator with the dose rate from 80 to 120 Gy/min at 1m from the target has been designed and manufactured in NPK LUTS, the D.V.Efremov Institute, NIIEFA. The accelerator is intended for nondestructive testing ...
  • Gavrish, Yu.N.; Klinov, A.P.; Krestianinov, A.S.; Nikolaev, V.M.; Fomin, L.P.; Linkenbach, H.A.; Geus, G.; Knospel, W. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2001)
    A novel design of a 2.5 MeV small-size linear electron accelerator with local radiation shielding is presented in the paper. The accelerator is intended for the use in mobile introscopic facilities. The main design approaches, ...