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  • Bershtein, O.; Sinel’shchikov, S. (Журнал математической физики, анализа, геометрии, 2009)
    A necessary condition is established for a function to be in the image of a quantum Poisson integral operator associated to the Shilov boundary of the quantum matrix ball. A quantum analogue of the Hua equations is introduced.
  • Bershtein, O.; Kolisnyk, Y. (Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications, 2011)
    In this paper we obtain some results of harmonic analysis on quantum complex hyperbolic spaces. We introduce a quantum analog for the Laplace-Beltrami operator and its radial part. The latter appear to be second order ...
  • Bershtein, O.; Kolisnyk, Ye. (Журнал математической физики, анализа, геометрии, 2009)
    The Plancherel formula is one of the celebrated results of harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups and their homogeneous spaces. The main goal of this work is to ¯nd a q-analogue of the Plancherel formula for spherical ...
  • Bershtein, O.; Stolin, A.; Vaksman, L. (Журнал математической физики, анализа, геометрии, 2007)
    The nondegenerate spherical principal series of quantum Harish-Chandra modules is constructed. These modules appear in the theory of quantum bounded symmetric domains.