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  • Bokhonko, V.; Zabavsky, B.V. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2017)
    In this paper we introduce the notion of the neat range one for Bezout duo-domains. We show that a distributive Bezout domain is an elementary divisor domain if and only if it is a duo-domain of neat range one.
  • Zabavsky, B.V.; Romaniv, O.; Kuznitska, B.; Hlova, T. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2020)
    We study an analogue of unique factorization rings in the case of an elementary divisor domain.
  • Zabavsky, B.V.; Kuznitska, B.M. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2014)
    In this paper we will investigate commutative Bezout domains whose finite homomorphic images are semipotent rings. Among such commutative Bezout rings we consider a new class of rings and call them an effective rings. ...
  • Zabavsky, B.V. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2018)
    This article deals mostly with the following question: when the classical ring of quotients of a commutative ring is a ring of stable range 1? We introduce the concepts of a ring of (von Neumann) regular range 1, a ring ...