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  • Jabbari, A.; Vishki, H.R.E. (2009)
    The norm closure of the algebra generated by the set {n→λ^nk : λ belongs T and k belongs N} of functions on (Z,+) was studied in [11] (and was named as the Weyl algebra). In this paper, by a fruitful result of Namioka, ...
  • Hosseinzadeh, H.; Jabbari, A.; Razani, A. (Український математичний журнал, 2013)
    We show the existence of fixed points and common fixed points for single-valued generalized contractions on the spaces equipped with vector-valued metrics.
  • Jabbari, A. (Журнал математической физики, анализа, геометрии, 2012)
    Let A be a Banach algebra. The Banach algebra A is said to be ideally amenable if every continuous derivation from A into I¤ is inner, where I is a two-sided ideal of A. In this paper, we consider the ideal amenability of ...