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dc.contributor.author Azarenkov, N.A.
dc.contributor.author Bizyukov, A.A.
dc.contributor.author Sereda, K.N.
dc.contributor.author Tseluyko, A.Ph.
dc.contributor.author Yunakov, N.N.
dc.contributor.author Gapon, A.V.
dc.contributor.author Kashaba, A.Y.
dc.date.accessioned 2015-03-30T09:37:26Z
dc.date.available 2015-03-30T09:37:26Z
dc.date.issued 2002
dc.identifier.citation Large-area surface wave plasma source / N.A. Azarenkov, A.A. Bizyukov, A.V. Gapon, A.Y. Kashaba, K.N. Sereda, A.Ph. Tseluyko, N.N. Yunakov // Вопросы атомной науки и техники. — 2002. — № 5. — С. 118-120. — Бібліогр.: 6 назв. — англ. uk_UA
dc.identifier.issn 1562-6016
dc.identifier.other PACS: 52.50.Dg
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.nbuv.gov.ua/handle/123456789/79286
dc.description.abstract A surface wave plasma source for the production of a large-diameter, high electron density and low electron temperature plasma at low pressure without using a magnetic field for plasma processing and thin film preparation are. The DC or RF voltage with the frequency of 13.56 MHz can supply the source. The pumping-out of the source is carried out through the insulated substrate holder. The plasma source operates in a working gas pressure range of 3∙10⁻² ÷ 10⁻⁴ Torr with changing the RF power in a range of 50÷1000 W during the discharge on surface waves with the mode 0 excited by a ring antenna. The plasma density has a homogeneous distribution over a diameter of 300 mm and varies in a range of 10⁸÷10¹⁰ cm⁻³ at electron temperature of 2÷7 eV depending on external parameters. An ion beam density in the presence of the RF bias applied to the substrate holder reached 0.1 mA/сm² with homogeneous distribution over the diameter of 300 mm. The total ion current to the substrate holder with a diameter of 467 mm reaches the value of 2 A with average ion energy of 200 eV. Numerical analysis of electric field distribution over the processing chamber in linear approach was made and compared to experimental results obtained. uk_UA
dc.description.sponsorship This work was supported by Scientific Technical Centre of Ukraine, Project #1112. uk_UA
dc.language.iso en uk_UA
dc.publisher Національний науковий центр «Харківський фізико-технічний інститут» НАН України uk_UA
dc.relation.ispartof Вопросы атомной науки и техники
dc.subject Low temperature plasma and plasma technologies uk_UA
dc.title Large-area surface wave plasma source uk_UA
dc.type Article uk_UA
dc.status published earlier uk_UA

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