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  • Timokha, A.N. (Доповіді НАН України, 2018)
    The quantifying of the experimentally-known (Prandtl, 1949) steady rotary current during the swirl-type sloshing is first given. The current is treated as the sum of the mean wave (pseudo-) momentum through the meridional ...
  • Lukovsky, I.A.; Timokha, A.N. (1999)
    Theoretical study of acoustic interaction affecting the dynamics and stability of limited fluid volume in zero-gravity is carried out. Two main acoustic effects on a fluid surface are analyzed. The first is the change of ...
  • Timokha, A.N. (Доповіді НАН України, 2016)
    Based on a presentation of the velocity field in terms of Clebsch potentials, the Bateman–Luke variational formalism is generalized for the sloshing of an ideal incompressible liquid with rotational flows.
  • Timokha, A.N.; Raynovskyy, I.A. (Доповіді НАН України, 2017)
    The nonlinear Narimanov—Moiseev-type modal system with linear damping terms is employed to study the damped steady-state resonant sloshing in an upright circular tank due to a prescribed horizontal orbital (elliptic) tank ...