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  • Banakh, T.O.; Gavrylkiv, V.M. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2019)
    A family L of subsets of a set X is called linked if A ∩ B ≠ ∅ for any A,B ∈ L. A linked family M of subsets of X is maximal linked if M coincides with each linked family L on X that contains M. The superextension λ(X) ...
  • Banakh, T.O.; Lyaskovska, N. (Український математичний журнал, 2011)
  • Banakh, T.O.; Protasov, I.V.; Slobodianiuk, S.V. (Український математичний журнал, 2015)
    We define scattered subsets of a group as asymptotic counterparts of the scattered subspaces of a topological space and prove that a subset A of a group G is scattered if and only if A does not contain any piecewise shifted ...
  • Banakh, T.O.; Bogachev, V.I.; Kolesnikov, A.V. (Український математичний журнал, 2005)
    We give a survey of recent results that generalize and develop a classical theorem of Skorokhod on representation of weakly convergent sequences of probability measures by almost everywhere convergent sequences of mappings.