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Перегляд Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів за автором "Toribio, J."

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів за автором "Toribio, J."

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  • Hredil, М.І.; Toribio, J.; Nykyforchyn, H.M. (Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів, 2015)
    Changes in the plasticity characteristics in air and in a hydrogenating environment of prestressing steel wires due to cold drawing process are investigated on the basis of slow strain rate tests on smooth specimens. The ...
  • Hredil, М.І.; Toribio, J. (Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів, 2014)
    Cold drawing process is widely used for strengthening of wires made from pearlitic steels for reinforsed concrete structures. Then the steels undergo plastic deformation and the amount of defects rises. It could worsen ...
  • Toribio, J.; Matos, J.C.; González, В.; Escuadra, J. (Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів, 2011)
    This paper presents the evolution of the surface crack front in prestressing reinforced concrete steel wires subjected to fatigue in air and to corrosion-fatigue in Ca(OH)₂+NaCl. To this end, a numerical modelling was made ...
  • Toribio, J.; Lorenzo, M.; Vergara, D.; Kharin, V. (Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів, 2013)
    Cold-drawn prestressing steel wires are susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement (HE) in aggressive environments, and residual stress-strain states generated in wires by the drawing process play the key role there. ...
  • Toribio, J.; Kharin, V.; Vergara, D.; Lorenzo, M. (Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів, 2010)
    The stress-strain assisted hydrogen diffusion in metals under variable loading is concerned as a key element of elucidation of hydrogen embrittlement (HE). The suitability of simplified treatments of hydrogen diffusion in ...


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