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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2010, № 6 за темою "Диагностика плазмы"

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Перегляд Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2010, № 6 за темою "Диагностика плазмы"

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  • Malinowski, K.; Czaus, K.; Sadowski, M.J.; Skladnik-Sadowska, E.; Garkusha, I.E.; Tereshin, V.I. (2010)
    The paper presents the recent measurements of ion beams emitted from an RPI-IBIS plasma injector and some preliminary results of the theoretical modeling. The RPI-IBIS facility was equipped with coaxial electrodes made of ...
  • Bondarenko, I.S.; Chmyga, A.A.; Deshko, G.N.; Komarov, A.D.; Kozachek, A.S.; Krupnik, L.I.; Khrebtov, S.M.; Taschev, Yu.I.; Zhezhera, A.I. (2010)
    The testing and first operations of the Heavy Ion Beam Probe (HIBP) plasma diagnostic injectors for stellarator Uragan-2M and TJ-ІІ is presented in this work. The increasing of plasma density in modern fusion devices up ...
  • Sadowski, M.J.; Scholz, M. (2010)
    This invited lecture presents the most important achievements of theoretical and experimental studies which concerned dense magnetized plasmas and were performed in Poland during recent few years. Those studies were ...
  • Skladnik-Sadowska, E.; Sadowski, M.J.; Czaus, K.; Malinowski, K.; Kwiatkowski, R.; Zebrowski, J.; Karpinski, L.; Paduch, M.; Scholz, M.; Garkusha, I.E. (2010)
    The paper describes diagnostics of fast ion beams emitted from a large PF-1000 facility operated at 21…27 kV, 290…480 kJ. Those beams were measured with pinhole cameras and PM-355 nuclear track detectors, placed at different ...
  • Kubkowska, M.; Jakubowska, K.; Skladnik-Sadowska, E.; Malinowski, K.; Paduch, M.; Sadowski, M.J.; Scholz, M.; Marchenko, A.K. (2010)
    The emission from free-propagating plasma streams was studied in experiments with a 1-MJ plasma-focus PF-1000 facility operated at the IPPLM in Warsaw, Poland. The machine was filled up with a pure deuterium or a mixture ...
  • Anan’ev, S.S.; Dan’ko, S.A.; Kalinin, Yu.G.; Ye Fan; Qin Yi; Jiang Shuqing; Xue Feibiao; Li Zhenghong; Yang Jianlun; Xu Rongkun (2010)
    X-ray line spectrometry with temporal resolution was developed for registration of [He]- and [H]-like aluminium ions spectrum. It was chosen a scheme with scintillator converting X-ray spectrum into the visible image, which ...


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