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Перегляд Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008, № 3 за назвою

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008, № 3 за назвою

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  • Laurincikas, A.; Macaitiene, R. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008)
    A discrete limit theorem in the sense of weak convergence of probability measures in the space of meromorphic functions for the Estermann zeta-function with explicitly given the limit measure is proved.
  • Drozd, Y.A. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008)
    We consider actions of groups on categories and bimodules, the related crossed group categories and bimodules, and prove for them analogues of the result know for representations of crossed group algebras and categories.
  • Pyekhtyeryev, V. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008)
    We prove that every finite poset can be embedded in some idempotent D-cross-section of the finite inverse symmetric semigroup ISn.
  • Safonov, V.G. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008)
    It is proved that the lattice of τ-closed totally saturated formations of finite groups is distributive. This is a solution of Question 4.2.15 proposed by A. N. Skiba in his monograph "Algebra of Formations" (1997).
  • Dashkova, O.Yu. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008)
    The author investigates nonabelian locally soluble linear groups of infinite fundamental dimension and of infinite section p-rank all of whose proper nonabelian subgroups of infinite section p-rank are of finite fundamental ...
  • Burban, N.; Horbachuk, O. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008)
    The category G of all left modules over all rings is studied. Necessary and sufficient conditions for a preradical functor on G to be radical are given. Radical functors on essential subcategories of G are investigated.
  • Woryna, A. (Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2008)
    Let Zn be a cubical lattice in the Euclidean space Rn. The generalized dihedral group Dih(Zn) is a topologically discrete group of isometries of Zn generated by translations and reflections in all points from Zn. We ...


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