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Перегляд Физика низких температур, 2007, № 09 за назвою

Репозиторій DSpace/Manakin

Перегляд Физика низких температур, 2007, № 09 за назвою

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  • Nedorezov, S.S. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    Quantum size effect, predicted by I.M. Lifshits and A.M. Kosevich [Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, seriya fiz. 19, 395 (1955)], was investigates in a many works. In the basis of analysis of quantum size oscillations of thermodynamics and ...
  • Peschansky, V.G.; Stepanenko, D.I. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The propagation of spin waves in Q2D layered conductors placed in a magnetic field is studied. It is shown, that at certain orientations of the magnetic field with respect to the layers the collisionless absorption is ...
  • Adamenko, I.N.; Nemchenko, K.E.; Slipko, V.A.; Wyatt, A.F.G. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    We discuss a number of unusual phenomena, which have been discovered recently in anisotropic quasiparticle systems in superfluid ⁴He. These include the creation of high-energy phonons by a pulse of low-energy phonons, ...
  • Derzhko, O.; Richter, J.; Honecker, A.; Schmidt, H.-J. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The purpose of the present paper is two-fold. On the one hand, we review some recent studies on the low-temperature strong-field thermodynamic properties of frustrated quantum spin antiferromagnets which admit the so-called ...


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