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Перегляд Физика низких температур, 2007, № 09 за назвою

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Перегляд Физика низких температур, 2007, № 09 за назвою

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  • Wendin, G.; Shumeiko, V.S. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    Recent demonstrations of macroscopic quantum coherence in Josephson junction based electronic circuits opened entirely new dimension for the research and applications in the established field of Josephson electronics. ...
  • Nedorezov, S.S. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    Quantum size effect, predicted by I.M. Lifshits and A.M. Kosevich [Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, seriya fiz. 19, 395 (1955)], was investigates in a many works. In the basis of analysis of quantum size oscillations of thermodynamics and ...
  • Peschansky, V.G.; Stepanenko, D.I. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The propagation of spin waves in Q2D layered conductors placed in a magnetic field is studied. It is shown, that at certain orientations of the magnetic field with respect to the layers the collisionless absorption is ...
  • Adamenko, I.N.; Nemchenko, K.E.; Slipko, V.A.; Wyatt, A.F.G. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    We discuss a number of unusual phenomena, which have been discovered recently in anisotropic quasiparticle systems in superfluid ⁴He. These include the creation of high-energy phonons by a pulse of low-energy phonons, ...
  • Derzhko, O.; Richter, J.; Honecker, A.; Schmidt, H.-J. (Физика низких температур, 2007)
    The purpose of the present paper is two-fold. On the one hand, we review some recent studies on the low-temperature strong-field thermodynamic properties of frustrated quantum spin antiferromagnets which admit the so-called ...


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