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  • Amin, M.H.S.; Omelyanchouk, A.N.; Zagoskin, A.M. (Физика низких температур, 2001)
    We investigate nonlocal coherent transport in ballistic four-terminal Josephson structures (in which bulk superconductors (terminals) are connected through a clean normal layer, e.g., a two-dimensional electron gas). ...
  • Kolesnichenko, Yu.A.; Omelyanchouk, A.N.; Zagoskin, A.M. (2004)
    The modern physics of superconductivity can be called the physics of unconventional superconductivity. The discovery of the d-wave symmetry of the order parameter in high-temperature superconductors and the triplet ...
  • Zagoskin, A.M. (Физика низких температур, 2010)
    The progress in experimental techniques and theoretical modeling made possible to fabricate and test macroscopic structures, which use quantum coherent solid state qubits as building blocks. The results of such quantum ...
  • Allen, J.; Zagoskin, A.M. (Физика низких температур, 2013)
    We derive the Bloch-type equations of motion for the Wigner function of a qubit nonlinearly coupled to a linear oscillator, and investigate their usefulness in the quantum-classical transition regime.