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  • Dang Dinh Chau; Vu Tuan (Український математичний журнал, 2005)
    In this article, we study conditions for the asymptotic equivalence of differential equations in Hilbert spaces. We also discuss the relationship between the properties of solutions of differential equations of triangular ...
  • Pham Van Viet; Vu Tuan (Український математичний журнал, 2005)
    There are many studies on the asymptotic behavior of solutions of differential equations. In the present paper, we consider another aspect of this problem, namely, the rate of the asymptotic convergence of solutions.
  • Vu Thi Thu Huong; Vu Tuan (Український математичний журнал, 2005)
    Quasi-equiasymptotic stability of order α (α ∊ R₊*) with respect to a part of variables is considered. Some sufficient conditions, a converse theorem, and a theorem on multistability are proved.
  • Vu Tuan; Pham Van Viet (Український математичний журнал, 2004)
    The Lyapunov second method is an important tool in the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations. In this paper, we consider the behavior of solutions of quasilinear index-2 tractable differential algebraic ...