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  • Safronov, R.I.; Litvinov, L.A.; Voloshin, A.V.; Bochkov, V.F. (Functional Materials, 2016)
    Uniform thermal field with the axial temperature gradient of 11.6 K/cm was formed in a cylindrical heater. There were obtained 15x85x300 mm3 sapphire ribbons with dislocation density up to 103 cm-2. The dislocation density ...
  • Brodskii, R.Ye.; Konevskiy, P.V.; Safronov, R.I.; Voloshin, A.V. (Functional Materials, 2017)
    In the work the results of experimental investigation of fragmentation of sapphire samples subjected to various types of heat treating are given. It was studied the fragmentation of the samples subjected to short and long ...
  • Brodskii, R.Ye.; Konevskiy, P.V.; Safronov, R.I. (Functional Materials, 2011)