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  • Bilyy, R.; Lutsyk, A. (Condensed Matter Physics, 2010)
    A brief account of the life and research activities of Julius Planer is presented. Professor Planer is a scientist who lived one and half century ago. However, his studies, in particular, during the years when he headed ...
  • Bzovska, I.S.; Mryglod, I.M. (Condensed Matter Physics, 2010)
    Temporal dynamics of a heterogeneous catalytic system, namely of the catalytic CO oxidation on Pt(110) surface at low pressures, is investigated with taking into account the adsorbate-driven structural transformations of ...
  • Planer, J. (Condensed Matter Physics, 2010)
    A translation from German of the original paper by Prof. Planer in which he describes his observations of selective light reflection in monotropic cholesteric liquid crystal phase of cholesteryl chloride that he synthesized. ...
  • Trokhymchuk, A. (Condensed Matter Physics, 2010)
    Brief review of the literature on the history of thermotropic liquid crystal discovery and the role of the observations reported by Julius Planer in his note published almost 150 years ago.