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  • Belous, V.A.; Yermolenko, I.G.; Zadneprovsky, Yu.A.; Lomino, N.S. (Вопросы атомной науки и техники, 2016)
    For increasing the service life of steel components that form a friction pair and are operated under conditions of dynamic loads, elevated temperatures and corrosive media, the process of working contact surface modification ...
  • Aksenov, I.I.; Belous, V.A.; Zadneprovskiy, Yu.A.; Lomino, N.S.; Sobol, O.V. (Functional Materials, 2011)
  • Aksenov, I.I.; Belous, V.A.; Goncharov, I.G.; Kuprin, A.S.; Lomino, N.S.; Mazilov, A.V.; Ovcharenko, V.D.; Pavlov, V.S.; Razsukovany, B.N. (Functional Materials, 2009)
    The efficiency of a radiation shielding structure consisting of a set of alternating layers of light and heavy metals is shown to be enhanced when the layered structure is turned to a radiation source by the light metal ...